Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wireless Computer Headsets - Good, Bad Or Ugly

Wireless computer headsets are quickly replacing the traditional wired headphones. However, is it too early to really place a verdict upon who the winner is? Is it better to go for a wired headset or a wireless one? Read on to find further.

To compare between wired and cordless computer headphones, you would want to look at three main aspects. They are usability, sound quality and longevity. Interestingly, wireless computer headphones are either better off or equivalent, but never worse off compared to their wired counterparts.

In terms of usability, a cordless computer headset beats a wired one hands down. Wireless computer headphones can be used from anywhere, while you can use the wired one only from within a small radius - the radius of the headset wire. So with cordless headphones, you gain mobility. You can lie down, walk around, go to the kitchen and do other things while using the set. These are impossible tasks to perform with a wired headset.

In terms of sound quality, the wireless and wired computer headsets are surprisingly equivalent. While this was not true till a few years back when the wireless signal would get easily disrupted by other interfering signals such as electrical ones, the improvement of technology has moved the reality a positive step forward. The wireless computer headsets are now comparable to the wired ones in terms of sending and receiving signals to and from the computer. In fact, the best cordless computer headsets have excellent noise filtering and cancellation attributes, just like the best wired headsets.

In terms of longevity, wireless computer headsets are comparable to the wired ones in absence of abuse. Since one moves around much more with wireless headsets, these sets stand a much higher practical chance of falling frequently and thus becoming defunct more quickly. So if you are cautious in general and are not in the habit of dropping things frequently, the wired and wireless headsets would not make a difference.

Thus, overall, wireless computer headsets outdo their wired counterparts.

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